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The easiest way to create and share remote music collaboration videos.

Cacophony is an online platform for musicians of all genres and levels to initiate, join and share music collaboration projects.

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Well-scoped Project Ideas
Project initiators can specify the video layout, instruments and sheet music (if needed). Others can easily find projects they want to join inside the app.
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Streamlined Recording Process
While recording your part for a project, you can hear parts that were already recorded by others, which will free you from the tedious video alignment work later.
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Easy-to-share Video Tracks
Your uploaded tracks could potentantially be added upon by numerous people (think of how one song accompaniment is used by multiple vocalists).
How to Create Collaboration Videos?

You can start by creating a project with the name, layout and instruments specified. You may also join projects created by others.

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You add a track to the project by either recording via the browser or uploading from your computer and then publishes it.

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Later, another person sees your published video and records his/her track while listening to your track.

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Before publishing anything, users can preview and adjust his/her video track to make sure all tracks (if more than one) fit well.

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